Solution For iTest Brand Blood Glucose Monitor Errors

The most common iTest brand blood glucose monitor errors are the coding errors, which are general to all other blood glucose monitors as well.

Errors and Solutions

Accurate coding of the code given in the strips should be entered to the monitor in order to get accurate results; error in the coding results in inaccurate glucose results. Here are quick instructions to eradicate the error-

  1. The required code will be printed on both inside and outside of the box as well as on each vial of test strips. Spot the code and feed the number in the coding screen of iTest glucose monitor. Once you are done with coding, exit the screen. Then, recheck whether the code on the strip is coded exactly in the monitor. To be even sure, check every time you open it for testing the glucose levels.
  2. Another major error is monitor error; to solve this, follow the instructions given below. First, switch off the monitor and repeat all the steps of monitoring from first. Review the instructions and test again by inserting new strip. Find out whether the problem is in monitor or strip. If the problem is not resolved, contact the customer care.

iTest brand blood glucose monitor errors can be effectively resolved by following the instructions mentioned in this article.

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